NAV 2017 Notifications

…some time ago i found this nice question\post on Dynamics Community NAV Forum.


Does anyone know how to create a new record of notification by programming ? What table should you create the record ? “If i look on pages, the part is a system part of notications id.”

i posted some solutions here:

“How-to” manage NAV notifications by C/AL


NAV 2017 Notifications


…now we can use a “very powerful solution” to do this, nice documents about technology and “How-to Demo for Customers” are available for download on Partnersource.

Download Links
NAV 2017 Notifications

NAV 2017 Smart Notifications “How-to Demo for Customers”

Samples of Implementations

…i found on Dynamics Community blog this nice post (by Amol) about possible implementations…

“In the development environment, you can create notifications in C/AL.”

“This will helpful during

1) Shortage on Inventory

2) Customer Balance is negative

3) Customer credit limit exceeded

and many more…….

Original Post Source link:  Notifications in UI -NAV 2017 – Microsoft Dynamics NAV Community



“WhatsNewNAV2017” flyer is available for partners on Partnersource (..available from Yesterday , September 23, 2016)
…you can download now this document from link below (if you are partner or customer…)


Partnersource Radiness training news PAGE

or from NAV 2017 GET READY PAGE

All links:
Latest News and Information
– What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017
– Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Beta Program
– Learning Plan Microsoft Dynamics NAV Extensions
– Get ready for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials Extensions
– Getting ready for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Extensions

nice reading !

Survey about NAV 2017 new\improved features

( taken from next event “Directions NA” : “NAV 2017 What’s newtopic



NAV 2017 new\Improved features

Applications improvements in Finance, Jobs, CRM, Items and more.. (several new Financials enhancements and Jobs simplification functionality..)

In Office 365 Experience (Dynamics NAV 2017 has become more fully embedded in Office 365, including Outlook, Excel,and the new Bookings module. NAV processes can now be performed directly in Office, where you are already doing your work.)

Embedded Power BI (create your own impactful reports, and how to make the content you created in Power BI visible within Dynamics NAV 2017)

Extensions 2.0 (Extensions have been introduced to Dynamics NAV with the 2016. They have been generously enhanced for NAV 2017 and Dynamics 365 for Financials, and are still the hottest spot in all of NAV and Microsoft AppSource.)

NAV on Sql Server 2016, new databases features (reporting, BI, data science, performance and high availability, all in a NAV context)

Microsoft Flow (Microsoft Flows using the Dynamics NAV connector or the data gateway)

Power Apps (newest and hottest technological addition to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft AppSource)

Cortana Intelligence (real-life examples were Cortana Intelligence is used in Dynamics NAV to improve the productivity of users)

Smart Notifications (Smart Notifications and how to show unobtrusive, contextual, and actionable messages directly on a Dynamics NAV page)

Start Survey here:



Nice document released before Directions NA (yesterday…) and available for Partners; you can download this document directly from Partnersource, on ReadinessTrainingNews section.


 Document Scope

This document details new features and functionality that are available in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Limited Beta and have been added to the product since Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016. More information will be made available online when Dynamics NAV 2017 becomes generally available.”

Download link

NAV 2017 Limited Beta

NAV 2017 New Features: i don’t write\post about NAV 2017 new features because they are under NDA, if you are a partner, read the limited beta document to have a first idea of NAV 2017, read sessions arguments of Directions and of others next events.

Dowload NAV 2017 limited beta from MS-Connect


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Directions North America, 28-28 September

You can find ALL NAV 2017 Sessions filtering  “NAV 2017 What’s New” on sessions page.


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“How-to” manage NAV notifications by C/AL

“How-to” manage NAV notifications by C/AL

i found this nice question\post on Dynamics Community NAV Forum.


Does anyone know how to create a new record of notification by programming ?

What table should you create the record ?

If i look on pages, the part is a system part of notications id.

Source Post\Question

How To Create a notification by programming ?

Microsoft links about Topic

Notification Entry Table

Sent Notification Entry Table



by Saurav Dhyani

Refer Standard Codeunit 454 “Job Queue – Send Notification”.

-> This Codeunit creates Notification when you schedule posting of your Documents (Sales, Purchase) in Background.

by Piero Giacomelli

Great C/AL FunctionSolution by Piero Giacomelli here:


“i need on the table NC header to create a notification everytime the user generate a new non conformal product.

here is my piece of code that works like a charm into a codeunit”


LenChar := STRLEN(_Note);






SystemUTF8Encoder := SystemUTF8Encoder.UTF8Encoding;

SystemByteArray := SystemUTF8Encoder.GetBytes(_Note);

x := SystemByteArray.Length DIV 128;

IF x > 1 THEN

y := SystemByteArray.Length – 128 * (x – 1)


y := SystemByteArray.Length;

c1 := y;



c2 := x;



FOR i := 0 TO SystemByteArray.Length – 1 DO BEGIN

c1 := SystemByteArray.GetValue(i);



RecordLink.Type := RecordLink.Type::Note;

RecordLink.Notify := _Notify;

RecordLink.”To User ID” := USERID;

RecordLink.Created := CURRENTDATETIME;

RecordLink.Company:= COMPANYNAME;


The parameters are

Var Name DataType Subtype Length

No pNCHeader Record NC Header

No _Descritption Text 250

No _Note Text 127

No _Notify Boolean

No _USERID Code 20

The local variables are

Name DataType Subtype Length

LenChar Integer

NewID Integer

RecordLink Record Record Link

OStream OutStream

_RecRef RecordRef

SystemUTF8Encoder DotNet System.Text.UTF8Encoding.’mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089′

SystemByteArray DotNet System.Array.’mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089′

c1 Char

c2 Char

x Integer

y Integer

i Integer

The hard part for me was to add text into the Note field because it is a blob field so I need to use the dot net library of the 4.5 framework and to stream the text.

Future Decoded with Community Days

Future Decoded with Community Days
Milano, 06-07 ottobre 2016
2 giorni, 10 tracks, 66 sessioni, 46 speaker
futiure decoded 6-7 ottobre 2016
Community e user group italiani insieme per i dieci anni di Community Days, Microsoft in un grande momento di confronto e condivisione di esperienze.”
“2 giornate di approfondimento tecnico, piú di 50 sessioni, demo e conferenze.”
My Favorite Sessions (“Azure Path”)
– Come integrare architetture cloud e on-premise
– SQL Server 2016 e Azure SQL Database
– Ottimizzare le prestazioni di SQL con la configurazione
– Gestione degli scenari ibridi con Microsoft Azure
– Remote Desktop Services: novità e stato dell’arte con Azure e Windows Server 2016
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Cumulative Update 11 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 has been released – Dynamics NAV Team Blog

Cumulative Update 11 includes all application and platform hotfixes and regulatory features that have been released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.

The cumulative update is intended mainly for solutions that are experiencing the problems described in the Knowledge Base article linked to below. However, you are advised to always keep your solution updated with the latest cumulative update. If you are in doubt about whether this cumulative update addresses your specific problem, or if you want to confirm whether any special compatibility, installation, or download issues are associated with this cumulative update, support professionals in Customer Support Services are ready to help you. For more information, see

The cumulative update includes hotfixes that apply to all countries and hotfixes specific to the following local versions:

  •   AU – Australia
  •   AT – Austria
  •   BE – Belgium
  •   CH – Switzerland
  •   CZ – Czech Republic
  •   DE – Germany
  •   DK – Denmark
  •   ES – Spain
  •   FI  – Finland
  •   FR – France
  •   IS – Iceland
  •   IT – Italy
  •   NA – North America
  •   NL – Netherlands
  •   NO – Norway
  •   NZ – New Zealand
  •   RU – Russia
  •   SE – Sweden
  •   UK – United Kingdom

Where to find Cumulative Update 11

You can download the cumulative update from KB 3188240 – Cumulative Update 11 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 (Build 46773).


Before you install a cumulative update in a production environment, take the following precautions:

  1. Test the cumulative update in a non-production environment.
  2. Make a backup of the system or computer where the cumulative update is to be installed.

Additional Information

For information about how to install the cumulative update, see How to Install a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Cumulative Update.
Note that if you upgrade to this cumulative update from a version older than Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Cumulative Update 6, you must run the development environment with elevated rights (run as administrator).

For a list of all cumulative updates for this version, see Released Cumulative Updates for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.