NAV 2017, scheduled for October 28

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in Partnesource you can see that the NAV 2017 release date is “scheduled for October 28” (in theory was was expected Yesterday, October 24, but is now announced for this date: October 28 …


… Meanwhile, the Partnersource site is updated with new documents \ information .. you can already find interesting documents example:  NAV Licensing 2017, information about SQL Server 2016 Runtime for NAV 2017 etc. etc.

Some nice links in development:

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Runtime Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Availablity

we are waiting …

Dynamics 365 Financials Preview (ex Project Madeira)

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some people have asked me again If the preview of Dynamics 365 Financials is still available and if it is constantly updated  of course, sure … you can access (or register) using the old link about Project Madeira preview.

For countries that can access the preview (testing countries)  you can sign up at this address:
Dynamics 365 Financials Preview (formerly Project Madeira)
try the preview button

Dynamics 365 Financials Preview link (after registration\authentication)


For countries rather than can not do, however, it has an ability to register before a user uses to Office 365 USA and then use it to sign up to the preview of Dynamics 365 Financials,.. to achieve this goal use this workaround by Waldo (follow it step by step..)



Setting up the Project “Madeira” Preview (also when you’re not from the US)

..anf after this steps you can correctly sign-in to Dynamics 365 Financials Preview link


Extensions  Management can also “add” and “test” extensions available in “AppsSource” store (example: try to add “Sales and Inventory Forecast” extension by Microsoft.

nice feedback Page

my old post about Project Madeira

…have a good testing time !

Directions EMEA 2016, “NAV 2017 What’s New” paths

Directions EMEA 2016, “NAV 2017 What’s New” paths”

October 12-14, 2016 Prague, Czech Republic



“Meet Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners and experts as well as the Microsoft team and ISVs in Prague on October 12-14, 2016!”

“NAV 2017 What’s New” paths:








Mobile app application suite

“The NAV Directions EMEA team has a full mobile application suite available for attendees to use to build and manage your personal Directions schedule, connect with fellow attendees, and view general relevant event information. You can find the apps in each of their respective stores at the following links below.”


My Old Post

Save the date: “Microsoft Dynamics 365 first look” – Microsoft Dynamics Community

“Get your first look at the next generation of intelligent business applications”

Join us Tuesday, October 11, at 2:30 PM EST for a first look at the next generation of intelligent business applications.

You can be one of the first to hear Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie share Microsoft strategy for digital transformation and unveil Microsoft Dynamics 365. This will be an informative discussion on the next generation of intelligent business applications designed to enable organizations to grow, evolve, and transform.

Experience Dynamics 365 through live demos
Come experience Dynamics 365 in action—with live demos. “You’ll learn how these applications unify CRM and ERP capabilities into purpose-built applications that help manage specific business functions seamlessly.”

Unique industry perspectives
This event will also include perspectives on digital transformation from business leaders and industry experts. Come hear insights on how they engage customers more effectively, optimize operations, and are proactive and competitive in the market.

Get a first look at Microsoft Dynamics 365

SourceSave the date: Microsoft Dynamics 365 first look – Microsoft Dynamics Community

NAV 2017 Notifications

…some time ago i found this nice question\post on Dynamics Community NAV Forum.


Does anyone know how to create a new record of notification by programming ? What table should you create the record ? “If i look on pages, the part is a system part of notications id.”

i posted some solutions here:

“How-to” manage NAV notifications by C/AL


NAV 2017 Notifications


…now we can use a “very powerful solution” to do this, nice documents about technology and “How-to Demo for Customers” are available for download on Partnersource.

Download Links
NAV 2017 Notifications

NAV 2017 Smart Notifications “How-to Demo for Customers”

Samples of Implementations

…i found on Dynamics Community blog this nice post (by Amol) about possible implementations…

“In the development environment, you can create notifications in C/AL.”

“This will helpful during

1) Shortage on Inventory

2) Customer Balance is negative

3) Customer credit limit exceeded

and many more…….

Original Post Source link:  Notifications in UI -NAV 2017 – Microsoft Dynamics NAV Community



“WhatsNewNAV2017” flyer is available for partners on Partnersource (..available from Yesterday , September 23, 2016)
…you can download now this document from link below (if you are partner or customer…)


Partnersource Radiness training news PAGE

or from NAV 2017 GET READY PAGE

All links:
Latest News and Information
– What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017
– Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Beta Program
– Learning Plan Microsoft Dynamics NAV Extensions
– Get ready for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials Extensions
– Getting ready for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Extensions

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